Meet our new employee,
Charlotte Nordnes-Jensen!

Name: Charlotte Nordnes-Jensen

Job Title: Product Owner

Education: Bachelor of Science (BS) in Retail Management from BI Norwegian Business School

Professional background: My experience is pretty broad. I’ve worked for several different companies, always focused on building great products. At Mamut/VISMA, I worked with internal solutions and developed a self-service portal. At Norconsult, I helped create the ISY Project for managing complex projects. I have also been a digital consultant in a brand strategy agency. Recently, I worked as a product manager within data analysis and reporting at Confirmit.

When did you first hear about reMarkable?

A friend of mine has worked at reMarkable for a while. When we talked about work, I remember thinking it sounded very unconventional. Then a former colleague got a reMarkable 2. I thought it was super cool, so I bought one as a birthday present for myself. I loved it! I called my friend at reMarkable and asked if they needed product people – and as luck would have it, they did!

What made you choose reMarkable?

What first attracted me was the vision statement and the mission to help people focus and eliminate distractions in the digital world. I have two daughters. One of my biggest fears is how SoMe can affect their self-image, concentration, and senses. reMarkable is striving every day to find the lost art of concentration and focus. For me, that's motivating both personally and professionally.

I've also always worked with B2B products. Now I'm working with a product that I believe in as an employee and love as a consumer. That is just awesome!

What are you looking forward to in your new role?

I’m looking forward to finding my place within the company, taking ownership of my part of the product, and, together with my team, making it world class.

And I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to the infamous parties where you have to dress up. I love dressing up, and I love costume parties. Halloween is my favorite day of the year, so reMarkable might be my perfect workplace on Earth.

Finally, what are some of your goals as Product Owner?

My main goal is quite clear. I’d like to make great products that are in line with the vision statement. I don't want to take wrong turns or create products that are not aligned with better thinking.

Others may strive to obtain management roles for the title; however, I've worked with products for thirteen years because I love doing it.

In this kind of job, you're always working with teams. You need to have everybody's back and utilize the knowledge from both outside and inside the team in the best way possible. Working with both products and people is my passion.