Our reMarkable story

A true paper person, Magnus Wanberg, CEO and founder of reMarkable, has always attended lectures, classes and meetings armed with a notebook or printouts.

A few years ago, he asked himself why – when our pockets and bags are bulging with laptops, tablets and smartphones – we still do this. What is it about paper? Paper, he realised, is the ultimate tool for thinking. It improves our focus, engages our brains and sets our minds free to work and imagine, without restrictions or distractions.

But using paper also brings downsides, from typing up handwritten notes to endless printing; from searching through a dozen notebooks to find something to not having the books or documents you need with you.

So, in 2013 Magnus, together with the reMarkable team, set out to create a device that would offer a pure, paper-like experience, but be connected and limitless. The first real digital paper tablet. Designed for reading, writing and sketching. And to be an elegant tool for thinking in the digital age, for those who love the inspiration and clarity they get when working on paper.

The result is reMarkable.